Relais Piazza Garibaldi
Terms of Service


Below are the terms and conditions accepted during booking

The minimum age to rent a room is 18 years and 31 days . Minors who are not accompanied by parents or a responsible majority must exhibit a photocopy of a parent’s identity document with the corresponding written permission;

It is not permitted, for reasons of Public Security, to allow guests to access other persons inside the rooms at any time;

For the purpose of hygiene-food safety, it is forbidden for customers to introduce food or drink in their rooms, use household appliances not in the room;

It is not allowed to lay towels or linen on the balustrades of the balconies;

Pets are not allowed;

The customer undertakes to respect the structure and the things contained therein, any damages incurred will be charged at the cost of restoration.


Inside the premises it is forbidden to smoke, use drugs, speak aloud, shout, slam doors or windows, connect to any electric appliance, except electric razor It is forbidden to allow children to wander around various environments.


It is recommended to observe the time slots 11:00 pm – 08:00 am and 02:00 pm  – 04:00 pm hours where rest is scheduled.

It is also recommended, whenever you exit the room, to lock the door, and to make sure the windows are well-sealed, in order to avoid any subtraction of values ​​from the rooms;
The Management does not respond to the lack of objects and / or values ​​of the guests, each guest is required to care for the custody of the objects he owns;
It is not allowed to leave the air conditioner on when the room is off.

The delivery of the rooms is scheduled between 3 pm and 7 pm, except for the special needs of our guests. Anyway, we would like to hear about the expected time of arrival.
Clients are invited to provide an acknowledgment of arrival at the time of arrival, to leave a precautionary deposit of Euro 100.00 (to cover any damage to the structure and / or late check-out), and at the same time to regularize Payment of the booked stay.

The price agreed for our stay in our B&B includes the use of the room and bathroom, breakfast, towels and bedding, TV and air conditioning, internet connection, Use of all bathroom accessories and cleaning service. Please note that breakfast will be served at the Central Bar in Piazza Garibaldi.

On the day of departure, rooms must be vacated by 10 am to allow cleaning and delivery to new guests. Any delays beyond 10:30 will incur a further night, subject to the precautionary deposit, paid upon check-in. Failure to deliver or lose the key will incur a charge of Euro 50.00.


During the stay in the facility, the rooms and the bathroom should normally be left free by 10.30 am to allow for daily cleaning and cleaning. In addition to these times, daily cleaning will not be ensured. It is recommended to use the correct and civil use of the services yes, avoiding throwing improper material into W.C (use the appropriate baskets).

The bedroom and bathroom are provided with everything: blankets, pillows, towels, personal hygiene products, etc. For any other need ask the staff.

You can use the room until 12:00 on the day of departure at a cost of Euro 50.00.

Please understand that the room’s Day Use will only be granted on availability. For information, please contact the hotel reception desk.


The availability request and booking for a stay at Relais Piazza Garibaldi can be made online, on, by telephone or by simply sending an e-mail.

The telephone booking, for us, is not binding until the arrival of the confirmatory deposit. We will only trust you if we receive a copy of the proof of payment of the deposit via Email. If during the waiting period of the proof of payment, other Customers have to book online, this last reservation will be binding upon us and prior to the above mentioned phone.

In this case we will still try to find a solution, by mutual agreement, with the customer who has booked by telephone, in the absence of it, any deposit sent will be returned in full.

All rates are quoted in each single room card and are per night, including the services and amenities specified on the site. No expense is added.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail from us on receipt, along with details of how to pay. In the case of offline booking, payment of the deposit can be made by credit card, by PayPal or Bank Transfer.

In the unfortunate event that the booked property becomes unavailable for extraordinary maintenance or causes of force majeure, we will be happy to find suitable accommodation, or at the request of the Customer, fully refund the sum received as a deposit without further claims.

In the event that the customer fails to occupy the room from the day booked due to difficulties during the trip, strikes, delays or personal and/or health reasons, there is no refund.
In case of early departure the client will be required to pay the room cost for the entire booked stay.
The balance of the room can be done by check, cash machine, credit card or cash.

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How to Book Online (Unavailable)

How to book online rooms by 5 steps
1. Check Availability
Check the availability according to your needs and the period of stay, using the modules on the site.
2. Scroll Rooms Available
Once this is done, the site proposes, on a search page, the available rooms with the relative price details per night and the total.
3. Choose Room
Now scroll through the rooms and decide what to book. Enter Quantity 1 (1) and click the 'Choose this Room' button.
4. Check the Cart
After doing this, you will now be able to see room inserted in the site cart, ready to be booked (2) . Book an Holiday now!
5. Book the Room
On the form at the top right of the Reservation page, you will see al you need to complete the order.

(1) We have only one room by type.
(2) Operation that can be repeated to add any other Rooms to your Cart.