Relais Piazza Garibaldi
About us

A New Facility

Relais Piazza Garibaldi was born in 2016 with the intent of providing high quality hospitality and many services to its customers at the best prices in the sector.
All rooms are equipped with high level comfort and cleanliness and kindness are Our first concern.

We are in the center of the City of Terracina. The sea and the most important places are all within walking distance.


Our Standard

1. Cleanliness
Ordering and cleaning are our first concern. The best business card for Clients staying at us.
2. Care of Details
We are very careful with every small detail. It is these who make the difference between the good and the excellent.
3. Customer Satisfaction
Our mission is to ensure that every stay is a period that leaves a beautiful and unforgettable memory.
4. Comfort & Services
We offer the best you could possibly want in a room, staying with us should be better than staying at home.